Troodos Development Company

General information about the region

Country: Cyprus
Population: 20 thous. people
Area: 829 km²
Characteristics of region: The Region of Troodos is mountainous and is located in the center of Cyprus. The highest peak is Mount Olympus (1952 m.a.s.l).

Rural areas
Most villages in the region are small and have less than 500 inhabitants. The cultivated land lies across an area of 8112 hectares.  Typical products produced in the Region include fruits and vegetables, olive, oil, wine and wine products. Troodos National Forest Park covers an area of 9 337 hectares around the Olympus Mountain. Its geological setting includes a well-preserved ophiolite complex. The Forest Park is well known for its rich and biodiverse flora and fauna.


Attractions of tourism

The Troodos is renowned since antiquity for its dense forests and rich mines. It provided timber and copper for the construction of ancient ships and weapons that Troodos development companyfought the battles and naval engagements of the classical era. In Byzantine times it became a centre for religious art, as monks and ordinary folk built and decorated superb churches and monasteries, away from the regularly raided and pirate savaged coastal lowlands. Nature has been particularly generous to Troodos. Its lower slopes alternate between terraced vineyards and the Phoenician juniper maquis, sprinkled in places with pink rock rose and wild lavender. Bright green pine trees and majestic cedars dominate in the higher elevations. It is an area of extreme natural beauty throughout the year. Whether escaping the summer heat, walking or cycling along scenic routes in spring or autumn or sipping a hot beverage after a demanding skiing descent in winter, Troodos is the place for all seasons.

Troodos provides a wide range of hotels, stone buit traditional houses and agrotourism complexes for accommodation and hosting, and for the organisation of small scale seminars/conferences. There is a choice of nearly 2000 available beds, in different types of licensed tourist establishments. The region offers an abundance of things to do and see. It is an area of walking or cycling through forests on mountain trails, attending village festivals, experiencing local traditional gastronomy, or discovering cultural treasure of UNESCO World Heritage churches are among the main pursuits.

Tourism development
One of the main aims of Troodos Development Company is the promotion of sustainable tourism in the region, that is; the protection and enhancement of the unique natural environment and the preservation and promotion of the rich history and tradition of the mountain villages. These characteristics are reflected in the strategy for the sustainable development of tourism in the region, whose main objective is the integration of the tourism products with the purpose of creating a complete tourism “brand”. The newly adopted tourism brand name of the region is “Trooding”. Trooding is a tailored tourist package that meets the specific needs of alternative travelers. The regional approach of tourism development in the area is expected to provide solutions for sustainable use of resources together with the exploration and enjoyment of the Region’s rich natural and historical beauty.