Regional Development Agency Mura

Basic information about the region
General information about the region
Country: Slovenia
Regional capital: Murska Sobota (11 679 inhab.)
Population: 120 thous. inhabitants
Area: 1 336 km²
Characteristics of region: Pomurje region is located in the north-east part of Slovenia, bordering to Austria, Hungary and Croatia and it is a land of wide fields, healing waters and energy points, picturesque winegrowing hills, original traditions and dialects.

Rural areas
Pomurje is a rural region, with a population density of 89 inhabitants/km, which is below the average in Slovenia. The region is divided into 27 municipalities among which only 8 have more than 5 000 inhabitants. In the last two decades region is facing with decrease and aging of its population, the abandon of the agriculture production and decay of cultural landscape. Agriculture, food processing industry and tourism are traditional economic activities in the region, based on available natural resources in the region.

Tourism development
Tourism in Pomurje is based on thermal springs, the use of which has resulted in the development of spa resorts. In the region there are 5 well developed spa resorts, which offer excellent products based on thermal springs and mineral water with healing powers. Pomurje generates 10 % of all overnight stays of tourists in Slovenia. The majority of tourists in the Pomurje region are coming from Austria, Germany and Italy. New tourism offers in the region include cycling and hiking trails, farm tourism, selfcatering accommodation and other rural type of tourism products. These developing tourism products offer great opportunities for service providers. The cooperation between tourism and other service providers can create new valuable employments in Pomurje, which has the highest unemployment rate in Slovenia.


Rural development
In Slovenia there are no regional governments, therefore all support measures are given from the national government. The most important available measures are from the Rural Development Programme of the Ministry for Agriculture and the Environment food of the Republic of Slovenia. These measures include also the development of service sector activities in rural areas.

Aims and activities of the partner
Regional Development Agency Mura is the leading development institution in the region, implementing tasks and projects for regional development. The agency’s activities are directed to constant stimulation of progress and development on the regional level and fostering public-private partnership. By offering its expertise, technical and administrative support to regional economy it enables faster achievement of the economic objectives. By being engaged in different EU projects it also stimulates international cooperation of companies and by this contributes to Pomurje’s vision to be integrated in a wider Euroregion. The aim of the Regional Development Agency Mura as a partner in the CesR project is to promote the development of service sector activities in rural areas, connected also with the developing tourism sector in the region. CesR project is very important also in the context of the developing social entrepreneurship in the region, therefore one of the main aims is to transfer best practices on this field as well from partner regions.