Olomouc region

General information about the region

Country: Czech Republic
Regional capital: Olomouc (99 529 inhab.)
Population: 638 thous. people Area: 5 267 km²
Characteristics of region: Southern part encompassing lowlands (Haná) and northern part is mountainous (the Jeseníky mountains – Praděd 1 491 m.a.s.l.). The region borders Poland along a 104 km state border.

Significance of the rural area

The region comprises of 399 municipalities, out of which 30 carry the status of a town. Most villages in the Olomouc region (88%) have less than 2 000 inhabitants. The average population in the regional municipalities stands at 1608 inhabitants. Agriculturally cultivated land covers an area of 279 763 ha (i.e. 53.1% of the total area).

Attractiveness of the Olomouc Region

The main touristic magnet of our region is the Jeseníky mountain range, most suitable for summer hiking and offering magnificent views of its picturesque valleys. In addition, the Jeseníky mountain area offers a wide portfolio of sports activities in its winter sport resorts and thrilling attractions for the summer visitors. On the other hand, central Moravia is famous for its network of cycling paths and many historical sights.

Objectives and activities of the partner

The Olomouc region is a self-governing institution with the general scope of an authority. The fundamental objective of the region and its Regional Authority is the general development of the region, provision of social services, education (secondary education), health care, transport (integrated public transport and road maintenance), environmental services and cultural support. Restoration of the rural municipalities and enhancing tourism are based on close cooperation with the relevant business entities, and on the financial support for their activities.

Tourism development

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The Olomouc region is a co-founder and a significant representative of the Tourist Associations of Jeseníky and Central Moravia. These associations cooperate with a number of tourist partners that assist in developing and enhancing services for visitors to the region.

The Olomouc region supports an innovative project on the borderline between tourism and rural development – Regional brands. In the region, regional brands are Haná, Jeseníky and Moravská brána. Such brands provide support to the local rural entrepreneurs and, at the same time they create a network of guaranteed local and prime-quality products and services for the visitors to the region.

Development of the rural areas

The Olomouc region offers long term financial support for investments in village municipalities within the Rural Renewal Programme. The Programme distinguishes three main objectives, such as supporting investments in municipality assets, integrated micro-regional projects and the institution of rural planning. Further on, the Olomouc region participates in organizing the Village of the Year competition, which clearly emphasises cooperation between the inhabitants and the socially active life in the rural areas.

The region takes part in, and cooperates with, the management of support from the ERDF and EAFRD, which focuses, among others, on tackling the issues of rural areas.