CesR partners meeting in the Province of Granada

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The Provincial Council of Granada received the partners of the CesR project during their transnational meeting which was held between 4 and 8 of November 2013.

The meeting consisted of a series of study visits to different tourism initiatives, during which the representatives of the partnership were able to obtain in-depth knowledge of a diverse selection of best practices, of a varying nature, spread over the entire province, which are the driving force of rural tourism in the areas where they are being implemented.

As well as the visits, over the course of the five days, technical meetings were held about project management and a conference also took place in the coastal town of Motril, attended by over 80 people related to the sector or interested in the theme.

During this conference the first vice-president of the Provincial Council of Granada, Luisa García Chamorro, as the Mayor of Motril, welcomed the participants of the CesR project, and the Deputy Minister of Provincial Employment and Development, María Merinda Sádaba, introduced the experts and technicians who enlightened the participants with their speeches and presentations.

Throughout the day some novel touristic products were presented, which Motril is promoting to diversify sun and beach tourism, making use of the synergies between traditional agriculture and tourism Routes based on three central thematic concepts: subtropical farming, fruit and vegetable production and sugar cane. Equally, the conference addressed the legal framework in Spain for worker-owned companies as a formula for the creation of social employment linked to the development of rural tourism and about the opportunities for rural development via the promotion of tourism for older people (the TOURAGE project, currently being managed by the Provincial Council of Granada). Smartphone applications related to rural tourism in the province of Granada were presented, and of course, a presentation of the CesR project was made to the attendees.

Amongst the study visits carried out, special mention should be made of the study visit on the first day in the Guadix Region in the north of the province of Granada, where partners were able to discover ENTURNA (the international school of rural tourism and nature), as well as a type of rural accommodation very specific to the area, in casas-cueva (cave houses), in their visit to the “Cuevas del tío Tobas” tourist complex.

Another of the visits explained the interesting model of collaboration that the businesses belonging to the Rural Tourism Association of the Lecrín Valley are developing to promote and attend to tourism demands in the area.

Lastly, a visit was made to a good example of a public-private collaboration in the creation of networks of services for tourism in rural areas, arising as the result of a natural monument: La Cueva de las Ventanas (Cave of the Windows) in the Granada locality of Píñar. Its archaeological and touristic interest has led to the creation of multiple services, including: a tourist guide service, showing and interpreting the natural monument; an environmental education centre (farm-school); a restaurant specialising in traditional food from the region; accommodation; transport to the cave and various workshops for visitors, all with the resulting generation of jobs in the municipality.

These study visits and the transnational meeting culminated in a visit to the Council of the Alhambra, a body that manages the main focus of touristic attraction in the province and a centre for study and development around the nasrid cultures.

CesR partners in Granada province